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Multi-Touch Display

nLighten multi-touch interactive displays use infrared video technology to replace the functions of mouse and keyboard with finger touch. Users are enabled to operate the whiteboard directly onscreen through fingers or any objects. nLighten multi-touch interactive displays bring the concept of interference-free simultaneous multi-person operation into life. It allows multiple operators to draw or write on the whiteboard simultaneously.

And the intelligent gesture recognition technology enables the whiteboard to respond to the unique gestures of different persons, offering an advanced ergonomic operation mode. Ocular interface and ergonomic application software makes the whiteboard easy to learn and easy to use. Different from the traditional mouse-clicking actions, multi-touch technology used in the whiteboard enables the users to enlarge, shrink, and rotate images with just the two hands.

nLighten’s multi-touch interactive display is different from the ordinary electronic whiteboard products. It offers enhances visual display and experience-simulated operational applications. This product is specifically designed for interactive teaching, presentation, product presentation, exhibitions, and interactive games. The wide application offers optimized experience for interactive teaching in schools, free game attractions for shopping centers, interactive stock information, large screen information display for cinemas and shopping malls, interactive 3D showcase for the real estate industry, and 3D display for the hotel front desk.