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Pen-Touch Electronic Whiteboard

nLighten pen-touch interactive electronic whiteboard is an advanced human-machine interactive facility for education or conferencing purposes. Integrated with infrared video technology, precision positioning technology, and the new generation DLPTM back projection high-definition large-screen display technology, this interactive whiteboard is an effective facility to replace the traditional projection screen and black/whiteboard functions in digitalized classrooms and multimedia conference rooms.

The device is a design to display up to 1920x1080 high definition resolution. Images are clearly displayed in large spaces up to 70 square meters. Compared to the highly inconvenient front projection projectors, the new generation DLPTM rear projection display is shadow free, so the content of your presentation can be fully displayed on the whiteboard and, at the same time, protect the eyes of the presenter; high brightness enables display of clear image quality without having to draw the curtains or turn off the lights, offering users a comfortable environment for interactive conferencing and teaching.

nLighten’s pen-touch interactive electronic whiteboard supports direct extension link to a computer. The touch screen allows the lecturer to write, draw, amend, annotate, and save the markings directly on the screen. The real-life example of direct human-machine interactive solution (human to computer) is now brought to you by nLighten.

nLighten’s pen-touch interactive whiteboard makes teacher-student and peer interaction possible and convenient in the classroom. It is a foundation technology for the development of student-centered classroom and effectively minimizes distractions to the students. nLighten’s pen-touch interactive whiteboard is an effective teaching aid that will improve students’ learning quality and motivate the students to develop drive and confidence in learning.