End-to-End PoS (Point of Sale) Solutions


For every requirement, for every environment, CoAxial has a comprehensive range of affordable POS terminals to meet the needs of you, our clients.

Every product is fully supported, from our compact all-in-one Touch Terminal to our flagship or high power dual-screen Touch POS Terminals, and our modular PC POS system. CoAxial’s expert engineers constantly integrate new technologies, whilst maintaining open-architecture compatibility and our reliability.

This ensures that any terminal selected will serve your business and clients – now and into the future.


POS Terminals


PoS Machine



2nd Display for XTREME II V2

E-POS VFD Display for XTREME V2

Display module

Partner SP-1060 POS Terminal

Rugged All-in-one POS Touch Terminal


21.5” Multi Functional Panel PC, Kitchen Display System

Essential POS Accessories

E-POS POS Thermal Receipt Printer

POS Thermal Receipt Printer

E-POS 410 Cash Drawer

Electronic Cash Drawer for POS System

E-POS MSR Card Reader

Card Reader for Xtreme V2

E-POS Barcode Scanner

Low cost, Great performance

EPOS Barcode Scanner

End-to-End Networking Services

Networking services for Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless and secure transactions within a business environment. These services facilitate the connection between POS terminals, allowing for real-time data exchange and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Robust networking solutions enable businesses to centralize control, monitor transactions, and manage inventory across multiple locations.

Reliable network services are essential for secure payment processing, preventing disruptions and safeguarding sensitive customer information. Integration with secure protocols such as SSL/TLS ensures encrypted communication, reducing the risk of data breaches. Additionally, networking services support remote management and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and optimizing the performance of POS systems.

Scalability is another crucial aspect, allowing businesses to expand their operations without compromising on network stability. Whether through wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity, advanced networking services for POS terminals contribute to a streamlined and agile business environment, meeting the demands of modern retail and hospitality industries.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Considering a new security solution for your business or looking to upgrade your current system? Our technicians bring years of expertise to offer comprehensive services for your security needs. From conducting thorough site surveys and assessing requirements to providing ongoing support and maintenance post-installation, we ensure a seamless and effective security application tailored to your specific needs.

Surveillance Cameras

Our assortment of video surveillance cameras includes options for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring IR night vision, dome, bullet, and PTZ cameras. We also provide IP and megapixel choices.

High-Definition Analog Cameras

Employing HD analog technology, our cameras deliver superior megapixel image quality over standard coaxial cables. They are known for their easy installation and seamless integration.

IP Network Cameras

Choose from our selection of IP cameras, delivering high-definition image quality. These cameras utilize H.264 compression to preserve bandwidth, support PoE power, and offer remote monitoring capabilities.

Board Cameras

Ideal for discreet video installations, body-worn covert systems, school projects, and video security prototypes, our board cameras are versatile and compact.

Security Camera Systems

Our comprehensive, ready-to-use DIY security systems include all the necessary components for complete video security camera system operations.

Digital Video Recorders

Available in 4, 8, and 16-channel options, our security DVRs cater to various needs. We also carry micro DVRs for covert surveillance and mobile DVRs designed for in-car security.

Hybrid DVRs

Capable of recording video and data from both analog and IP cameras, our hybrid DVRs support up to 32 cameras from a single recorder.

Network Video Recorders

Our network recorders can record footage from 1 to 32 network IP and megapixel surveillance cameras, featuring up to 4 TB of built-in storage.