The E-PoS ECO250 Thermal Printer is a cutting-edge addition to the realm of point-of-sale technology. Engineered for efficiency, this printer utilizes thermal printing technology to produce high-quality receipts swiftly and without the need for ink cartridges. Its compact design makes it suitable for space-conscious businesses, and the user-friendly interface ensures seamless integration with E-PoS systems. The ECO250 Thermal Printer excels in reliability, delivering crisp and clear prints consistently. With versatile connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, it adapts to diverse business environments. This thermal printer is a valuable asset, enhancing the transactional experience with speed, precision, and low maintenance requirements.


  • Elegant and Fashionable Appearance
  • Low noise thermal printing
  • Easy installation, paper loading and easy maintenance
  • 80mm big paper storage
  • Compatible with 58mm paper roll
  • Supports Desktop and Wall Hanging


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