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nLighten is a US registered company that moved from Silicon Valley to Shanghai. Our mission is to create and design outstanding yet affordable high definition displays with DLP technology from TI. Optical lens, light engines, power supplies, video subsystems and related mechanical parts are all designed in house. nLighten offers innovative products in Large Format HD Displays, and HDTVs, as well as Closed Frames for Video Walls and other custom jobs. nLighten also provides applications for Video Conferencing, E-Board education systems, Security systems,and much more.

nLighten's R&D team has 40 highly skilled technical gurus to engineer products of exceptional quality in the field of display and touch technologies. With years of research experience and expertise, nLighten's R&D team continues to invent innovative designs and systems from its two R&D centers in Taipei and Shanghai. nLighten has established strategic sales networks in China, Taiwan, Japan, United States and the United Kingdoms. nLighten operates a first-class clean room production facility in Suzhou, China, which is owned by Phihong group; a worldwide leader in the power supply industry for over 36 years.